The Rat Race

We all seem to be in this rat race in life don’t we? I have been reflecting on my week and I’m certainly exhausted. I’ve had meeting after meeting this week to plan for my upcoming music ventures. I’ve been fighting weather as my music video 🎥 shoot now is rolling over into a rain date🌧. Had two band rehearsals this week and my kids had their last week of school. Man if you only could see what my planner looks like 🤯. With everything I did and accomplished this week I’m left feeling like I wish I could have gotten more done. Hmm, well I can’t add more time ⏰ into my day, and I certainly can’t stay up any later than I already do 😴. I canceled my Friday work plans and I caught up on much needed house work 🚮 and snuggles with my kids 👩‍👧‍👧. Life throws us so much but how we handle is everything, so I’m learning anyways. This upcoming week I’m not going to over book myself like I always do. I’m going to advocate for myself and say no to the things I simply cannot add to my 🍽 plate. For now I’m going to get some much needed rest 😴 and enjoy tomorrow’s family day. We can’t get so lost in the race 🏃🏽‍♀️that we forget what we started out after. I don’t want to be apart of this race rather a journey for children, and they need a mother who is of sound mind and in arms 🤳🏻reach at all times. Music 🎶 is my passion and I love what I do and the hard work it takes, but something I need more than anything is my babies🤱🏻. Time with them is so important, and this summer 😎 I plan to be more present 🎁 with them than ever, and not let the day to day stress steals our time ⏰ together. So excited for a great summer full of music🎶, but also a great summer full of memories made with my loves❤!!

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